Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

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Hi all,

If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying issue, and get back to listening to your favorite tunes, uninterrupted.

Feel free to let us know how to get along with the video. If you need any further assistance, we’re ready to help! :D

Please note that we also have a support article explaining how to change the wireless channel here:

Still having problems? Grab a diagnostic and add it to your reply.

Sonos Controller App for iOS or Android
From the Sonos music menu, touch Settings > Advanced Settings menu > Submit Diagnostics.

Sonos Desktop Controller App for Mac or PC
Select Submit Diagnostics from the Help menu.

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Latest configuration: Same as above except now both Play1 are wireless. No disruptions. Looking at Sonos Application I see:
TV Room ( Playbar and Sub)
Living Room
Living Room 2 (mute stops all devices audio. Room Settings show "Stereo Pair" and "Separate Stereo Pair" options.
So it seems pairing while having one Play1 physically wired to the router and then moving the speaker back onto Wifi in its original location has worked? For now anyway 🙂 Thanks again for your help. Ran a diag under this setup. No disruptions 8306282
Music from any and every source cuts out constantly. Most of the time, it barely even plays one song before the music stops. I'm ready to smash thousands of dollars of equipment. Diagnostic number is 8312829
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Again this sounds like IP address conflict.

Assign new static ip addresses to each or turn off all your network devices and reboot router to clear the offending device(s).
Thanks, but I have no idea how to assign new static ip addresses.
Each router manufacturer has a different method by which to do so, I'd recommend pulling out your router's manual, and looking for the information there.
I changed a few things. My play bar, sub, and play 3's that are all on the main floor work great, almost never cutting out, which I'm fine with. I have a play one in the basement and 3 play ones in the second story that still frequently cut out. The play one is in a different room than the router and boost in the basement. Is there something more I need to do? I *think* the problem is wireless interference...
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I would submit diagnostic and post ref# in a thread for sonos to look at (or call them).

Is boost at leat a foot away from router. What channel router and boost on (only use channels 1, 6, 11 - use two of these beteen the two).
Yes, my boost is more than one foot from the router. Router is on channel 1. Boost is on channel 6. Diagnostic number is 8323048.

I am experiencing intermittent problems with a play 1 and play 3. Both speakers keep disappearing from the remote. Have tried moving wireless channels and rebooting but doesnt seem to have any effect. When players are visible it often won’t play music I have selected and returns error message 1001 or 1002.

I have submitted diagnostic 8334469.

Grateful for any help or support on a solution
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My system has worked flawlessly for a year until recently. The most frequent errors are:

(i) Network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer (happened with Apple Music playback)
(ii) Connection to Apple Music was lost
(iii) An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002) (happened with NAS music playback)

The stuttering, skipping to next track, and lost connection usually occured with Apple Music playback, but sometimes it also happened to local playback. I reset the modem but it didn't get better. While these problems happened, my PC and smartphone's wifi connection remained stable.

My system includes:

(i) Modem/wireless router: Dasan GPON H646w
(ii) NAS Synology DS214 (for local library)
(iii) Apple Music Subscription (for online streaming)
(iv) Sonos Connect + 02 Sonos Play 1

My diagonostic number is 8328134 (or 8328178).

It is much appreciated if you could have a look at my case.
We recently invested in a good amount of Sonos equip for our new home. They've been set up for a day.

Here's the placement:

Play5+Boost in Living Room(1F)
Play1 in Kitchen(1F)
Play1 in Office(2F)
Play3 in Master Bedroom(3F)

All of these rooms also have a Google Home Mini, which aren't plugged into the same receptacle(ie spaced far enough apart)

All were set up fine initially but we haven't seen all four in the Controller App once. You'll see one or two at a time.

What we've tried to no avail:

- Switching the router's 2.4ghz channel to 1/6/11 while the Boost was on an alternative 1/6/11
- un/replugging the Boost
- un/replugging the various speakers

Diagnostic 8353120

Convince me not to return all of these and go back to my Mission/Boston Acoustics wired setup i'm only planning on placing in a rec room.
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Did you maybe mistakenly set them up as different systems. When you added each you added through the settings...add room?

Lets say you have the Play:5 and Play:1 kitchen just showing in controller. What happens if you take the missing Play:1 office and plug it direct into router? I'm assuming currently only the boost is plugged into router.

If you plug the missing one into router and it doesn't show up in controller. Do a factory reset of it and then go to settings...add player and see if it adds into system. If that works - repeat process with the next missing one.
Having a hard time getting through songs without the skipping to the next. This is occurring on the both my Play 1 and Playbar. It is much worse on Play 1 using Pandora. Diagnostic code is 8389483
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I’m having a problem with my SONOS Ones. They have been linked with my Playbar to create a stereo system with the television and connected with the Boost to the router on first floor. This worked well for almost a year, but now both my Play Ones have stopped working although the Playbar is fine. I have tried reconnecting them again and again. I’ve trued changing the channel. The system is up to date, can anyone suggest what I can do next?
I submitted a query for help to SONOS with a diagnostic days ago. I received a reply saying I’d hear from them within 24 hours but have heard nothing, 5 days later. Can anyone help? PLEASE!!!!!
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HI there,

While I generally don’t have issues playing music I do pretty regularly experience skipping to the next track when attempting to play podcasts. Specifically I attempt too play a 3 hour podcast on a daily basis and it will consistantly skip several times throughout requiring me to start over. Often times it will skip as bad as once every 15 minutes or so too. Needl;ess to say this is infuriating and ffectively makes my Sonos system useless for podcasts.

My system consists of 2 Play 5’s and 6 Play 1’s here while I have one of the Play 5’s connected directly through ethernet to my router. I’ve tried all 3 of the Sonos net channels many different times over the past several months and none seem any better than the others.

Dignostic number is 8431816.

Any help here would be much apprecviated. Happy too provide any further info nccessary to troubleshoot as well. Much thanks.

i have submitted a diagnostic report, 8447538 . i would be grateful if i could egt some much need assistance
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I keep losing all my rooms (Kitchen / Living Room / Living Room 2) from the controllers and keep having this problem. I have changed channel without apparent success and have now submitted a diagnostics report: 8456585 and hope someone at SONOS can have a look and let me know what the issue is, please?
Hi, my Spotify music keeps dropping out on various speakers. Some keeps playing and then come back and then it is the orher speakers dropping out. It is really annoying. I have manually set my wifi channel to 11 and Sonos channel to one.

Diagnostics report: 8485310
Does anyone from Sono's actually reply to these? Or is this a way for people to vent about our issues and get zero resolution?? Let's get it together Sonos!! NO
I think the only person from Sonos that reads the threads are the mailroom help
Where as I, over the last several years, have seen a significant number of people who are identified as Sonos employees help a large number of people, even when being ridiculed by the customer. It would be nice if there were an infinite amount of employees, who could answer each and every post within 10 minutes of it existing, or answer every phone call on the first ring, but if that were to be the case, I suspect the cost of each speaker would triple or more.

The lead forum moderator, Ryan S, has stated several times that they read each and every post. But it's not possible for them to reply to each one, I suspect. And they probably aren't able to read each one within 10 minutes of it being posted, either, since they have to work with folks who are having issues. It's easy for me to sit here at my computer and type a reply in a minute, and then move on to the next one, but I suspect they have to read a post, go do research on the issue, look and interpret the diagnostic that's included, and then figure out how to either fix the issue, or pass it along to what i presume would be the product manager for the software, who then has to figure out how to prioritize the issue for the developers, based not only on how many folks are posting about it here, but also where it can fit in to the other agendas that they have designated from management on new features. Then, once the code has been "fixed", it needs to be tested internally (I assume) and then sent out to a beta group of non-Sonos users (I assume), and tested. Once it tests out correctly, along with all the other features that are in that particular beta set, it probably then gets scheduled for release to us.

RE: Diagnostic confirmation number: 753739807

My SONOS system has recently started experiencing the problems listed here after being solid for the last ten or more years.


My system consists of eight units, including a Play:1 permanently connected/wired to my Netgear router. I access my music library contained on a Synology DS916+ also wired to the router. The path to the music library is:
\\Synology\music\iTunes\iTunes Media\music


A few weeks ago my router stopped working and needed a firmware update. After updating the router, it came back online, but I've since had trouble with music cutting out every 3–8 songs.

When the music cuts out, I can sometimes move to the next track and start playing again. Usually I need to clear the playlist, and reload it. Sometimes I need to remove the path to the music library completely and reenter and sync it.

Attempts to resolve

I've followed the instructions recommended in this thread and the other support posts:

  1. SONOS is now running on Channel 11;
  2. The 2.4 gHz wireless network is now running on Channel 1;
  3. The wired Play:1 and the router are about 30 inches apart;
  4. I've moved a Canary house monitoring camera 24 inches away from the Play:3 in the dining room;
  5. The Play:1 on my desk is 30 inches away from the cordless telephone cradle;

I can't find anything else that may be causing wireless interference, but tracks are still cutting out. When it does, I usually get a popup window saying that either the music library, or the music file itself cannot be found. When attempting to update my music library again just now, the following popup appeared:

'//Synology/music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music' is no longer available. The device where the music files are stored may not be powered on, or the path may have changed.
Go to Manage > Music Library Settings to check the path name.

I really want to get my SONOS system rock solid again, so that I can load a playlist at my desk in the morning and not have to think about it as I work all day! Right now I seem to be wasting too much time getting music to play, and have even resorted to playing music through iTunes and my computer speakers.

Any recommendations?

Edited: to include image of popup message
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The issue is not channel noise or interference. Already tried many many times. Please launch repair update asap!!
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There's definitely a software issue here.

My 8 zone system - using ZP100's has been running without any problems for at least 5 years. In the last week, we've had one zone entirely disappear and need "fixing" from the app. Now we've had another ZP100 cutting out intermittently, loosing connection (orange light flashing), and has now decided to only play in mono (easy to confirm since we swapped speakers round to check).

This particular ZP100 is within 30 cm of another two which are still working absolutely fine, so I'm not convinced its anything to do with interference. Likewise, I've rebooted the router, and there are definitely no IP conflicts.

What on earth is going on here ? Please fix this asap.
Were the ZPs unplugged when you rebooted the router? If not, there is a good chance that it may not have cleared any duplicate IP addresses.

And 30cm is pretty close, so it could be Wi-Fi interference between the two of them. Not guaranteed, though.