Frustration with Sonos 1 - Might make a great doorstop

  • 9 February 2021
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So I got a sonus 1 as a gift. Set it up about a year ago and it worked great. Then recently it stopped playing from my iphone app. So I updated the app and still it would not connect. Okay, lets check the set up. So I go through all of the steps to reconnect without success. So I think okay lets go back and reset it. Surely this will work. I go through the process and as I go through the steps it has a problem finding my network. Now I just don’t understand this. I have had no problems with any other technology in my house. My sonus was working a month ago. Nothing has changed. Why all of a sudden is my network not found? To me this is really frustrating. No I did not reboot my router. I did reset the unit and  it did find my network. It did attempt to connect but ended up with some problem. What could be the problem? So now I can use it as a wired speaker? That sort of defeats the purpose. Do I give it away? Why will it work any differently elsewhere? Not sure where I go from here but unless I get some help I guess I will know that I will not buy anymore Sonus products. 

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2 replies

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I assume that you mean your Sonos One? You may want to check out my post here.

Yes, Sonos One. So I am now wondering if this unit is just not operating right. So I decided to bring it to my office. I reset it and tried to set it up at work. No I got interrupted at one point and it was flashing red. But I unplugged it and reset it and it started flashing green so I tried to set it up as if it were new. It found the wireless here at work and tried to connect but without success. Gave me an error. My mother lives nearby and I might try it at her house. If I go 0 for 3 what does that suggest?