Best Wifi Router

  • 28 November 2022
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Can anyone suggest a few routers for Sonos surround sound ( arc, base, and 2 1s) upstairs sonos 2 Roams and a Move that are taken outside for parties, ethernet, and gaming? I tried buying a mesh network last year and had to return it as it did not work. The Verizon router I currently have is just not hacking it. I pay for 1 gig and I am pretty sure that my router is holding me back. I am hoping to take advantage of some Cyber Monday deals.


1 reply

I am currently using Eero and have no issues.  Before that, I had Orbi, and no issues with that either.  Worth noting that your sub and 2 Ones are bonded to the Arc and aren’t really using your WiFi network.  If there are issues there, then it’s likely wireless interference problem, not something you likely would need to switch out your router to resolve. 

Is your Arc directly wired to your router?  The Move and Roam definitely use your WiFi, so if they are out of range, you’ll need a better router.  That’s particularly true if you want to use WiFi in the backyard, rather than bluetooth audio.