Apple Music playlists not switching with accounts

  • 14 July 2020
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I’ve noticed an issue with Sonos seemingly unable to actually switch between multiple Apple Music accounts. My wife and I each have an Apple Music account, each linked to our home Sonos system.

I first noticed that Apple Music through the Sonos app only shows my wife’s playlists (Apple Music —> My Music —> Playlists). This happens regardless of which account is selected on the first Apple Music screen. It does not change when I restart the app or my iOS device, or when I cycle through Apple Music accounts.

It’s also showing in the other Apple Music menus like “For You” and “New.” 

In short, although the screen shows that the Apple Music account has been switched, and there’s a momentary screen refresh like it’s loading, the content displayed does not change.

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6 replies

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Hi @thefourthpope, sorry for the late reply and welcome to the community.

For switching music accounts, you first select the music service under browse for the mobile app.

If you notice there’s an email at the top of the screen; it’s small and under the name of the music service. 

You tap that to switch to another music service account.

For visual reference, you’ll find it in this article. Using multiple accounts for the same music service.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.


Thanks Kyle -

The issue I’m having is that switching between accounts doesn’t change the resulting music being displayed. Regardless of whether I’m working from my Apple Music account or my wife’s, only her playlists are shown. Here’s a link to a screencast of the issue in action.


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Hi @thefourthpope, thank you for the update.

I checked the small video clip, yes they’re the same.

I would like you to check the Apple Music accounts, just to check if they have the same playlist.

If not, I can see a folder named Apple Music Playlist. I would like to know if you see your playlist there.

We can also try removing both accounts and add just yours temporarily to see if they still have the same playlist.

Update us with your findings.

Thanks. The folder “Apple Music Playlists” holds playlists created by the Apple Music recommendation software. 

I will try removing and re-linking both accounts later. I’ll share the outcome here. 

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Hi @thefourthpope, thank you for the update.

I would like to emphasize add just your account first to see if it has the same playlist before adding the other account.

Other than that, keep up us posted.

Hi Kyle,


I’m having the same problem thefourthpope is having. Were you able to solve this issue?