Album Art from Apple Music/My Music showing old image

  • 8 May 2022
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I updated my cover art on my music using my Mac’s Music app over a year ago. It shows correctly in iCloud, MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS. All apps and OS are up to date and not in beta. Sonos shows a very old album image that is irritating. I don’t connect to my library directly in Sonos. I use Apple Music, then My Music.

There are so many things that are frustrating in the Sonos app. This is absurd though. The problem is not in Apple Music but in the app. Is there a way to refresh the app’s album data?


Best answer by ratty 8 May 2022, 19:32

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1 reply

There’s no “refreshing” of the app’s album data. Apart from a small short-lived cache the controller fetches art on the fly.

You may have art in more than one place though. Sonos looks for a folder.jpg file in the same directory as the audio file, and also for embedded art in the music file itself. If there’s art in both places then the embedded art takes preference.

In addition, if you have a recycle bin included within the network share that Sonos accesses then it could pick up a ‘deleted’ file.