Wireless Gen 1 play 3 / 5

  • 13 December 2016
  • 7 replies

Hope someone on here can help me out. I recently got a Play 3 and 5 gen 1. LOVE the sound quality BUT they don't work wireless for me. I have great wifi and I have fire sticks/ Apple TV and play stations that pick up my wifi all over the house but my speakers don't.

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7 replies

Can I just add that these are used. 2nd hand from a friend
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They may not have newest firmware that can operate on home wifi. Hook one of them with Ethernet cable and get them to install. Update them to newest 7.0 software.

Once updated if you want to remove the one from the single Ethernet connection (sonosnet) then go to settings...advanced...wifi setup and setup your home wifi to wprk with them.
If your friend used them wired, they may have hacked the wireless to off. Reset the units to get them to factory defaults. Note this will also reset your settings, accounts, playlists, etc., so only do one, then add it to the system. This will transfer settings to the added unit. Then reset the other and add it. See this link for how to reset:
Chris thanks for the reply.
I did Set them up with and without the Ethernet cable and they're on the latest 7 software. But once I take them upstairs I need to use TP Link home plugs and then use an Ethernet cable. Even though every single device in my house streams films etc in every room over wifi without a problem.
Jgatie thanks for the reply. I think resetting the devices is going to be the way forward. See if that helps. I'm not bothered about wiping any playlists or anything. I've only had them a week so I just want them to work properly. I've only paid £100 in total for the play 3 and play 5 in perfect condition. The sound quality in these is amazing but having wires everywhere is annoying me. Thanks
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Sounds like the home plug are issue. I would put a boost downstairs to get direct sonosnet link back to router.
The router is actually transmitting a 2.4GHz signal which is B/G-compatible? Sonos units won't attach to a 5GHz SSID.

Unless they're reset, the Sonos units will also need a temporary wired connection to configure the WiFi details in Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup.