Sonos Connect AMP setup at home

  • 13 January 2017
  • 10 replies

Question & Inquiry about the setup that the Technician made in my Dad's house.

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10 replies

Why there are 4 sonos connect amp in 1 house?

These are the only devices in the house installed by the technician.

This devices was installed in my Dad's house while i was away this afternoon. When i got home, it's already in there. How does Sonos Connect Amp work? Why there are 4 of them a wifi device and 1 speaker?
There is already an existing speaker system inside the house and even at the terrace. There was one time, we used to have a amplifier system with radio, aux, FM, CD. But last year, the amplifier was broken and wasn't able to have it repaired.
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The Sonos connect amps power speakers. (Unlike the other speaker you show that is an independent complete wifi device, speaker with built-in amp) Each amp is an independent device and would allow for independent control of the speakers... presuming those are connected to already installed speakers in a location, these will allow each set to operate independently.... (perhaps you have... maybe two rooms that each has two speakers pre-wired? Perhaps another has four? Or two speakers outside?) Each connect amp is likely hooked up to two speakers... so then you can have different Audio in different locations with independent volume controls....

Wifi device is to help provide a stable wireless communication network to the Sonos devices and connect them to the internet.

As for how it works, ... they operate through an app for devices connected to the wifi network.... maybe ask your dad to give you the tour, presuming he wants you using them....?)
Thanks for the quick reply. There is a surround speakers in the living room, one-channel speaker in the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and terrace. How many speakers can connect in (1) one amp from the (4) Four amp showing in my photos?
IF my understanding is correct from your explanation, maybe 2 speakers on 1 amp. so maybe that's why there are 4 amps installed in the house because of all the speakers around the house. But, isn't there a Sonos AMP can accommodate all the speakers in the entire house?
Is this a Speaker subwoofer or just a controller module for the speakers connected to each AMP?

But it would be great if the Technician just placed each amp apart. 1 amp on each room or wherever it is connected to. Not like this way. it looks like a box of cake in the living room at the bottom of the flat screen TV. LOL :8;):D
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This isn't that uncommon given that many older installations routed speaker wire to a central amp/tuner/whatever - sometimes near a system near a TV, sometime to a closet space, but having speaker wire in a house route to a single point is pretty typical. The set-up of the location here is likely a result of where the pre-existing speaker wires are best accessible.

There is not a single Connect Amp that would do all of the speakers in the house.

Having the different devices means they can each access different (or the same) source. This creates much more flexibility as to what audio goes where.

These devices are unlike traditional audio amplifiers you may have familiarity with. They are not just amplifying an audio signal sent to them from a device (like a phonograph turntable, disc, whatever) but are in fact full wireless networking devices that digitally communicate over the local wifi (and typically over connected internet services) to access the digital music or audio that they are being asked to access (via the controller app). These devices can be directed to get digital music on a local service (Network Attached Storage, computer with iTunes library, etc.) or from premium streaming services across the internet like Spotify or Apple Music.

Hope you enjoy them. 🆒