Roksan K2 - playing CDs through connected CD player and through SONOS Connect:AMP

  • 5 September 2017
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I have a Roksan K2 Amp and CD player and unfortunately the amp does not have output which I can connect to my Connect:AMP in order to play CDs through the rest of my SONOS. I have figured a work around where I have connected my Connect:AMP to the CD player, and then the CD player to the AMP, but that of course means that I have to turn on the Connect:AMP to use the amp with any other inputs. I don't suppose anyone has a better solution?

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19 replies

What sources do you use other than the CD player?
Apple TV, TV and a 3.5mm headphone jack for people's phones etc
I think that Roksan has pre outs - and if you had a Connect, those could be wired to the inputs on the Connect, with the outputs of the Connect wired to one of the inputs on the Roksan.
But that can be done only with the Connect, not the Connect Amp which only has speaker level outputs. But if you wired the CD to the inputs on the Roksan, and the pre out to the inputs on the Connect Amp, the CD or any other inputs to the Roksan ought to be heard on other Sonos units. Without the Connect Amp needing to be on when only the Roksan is in use.
Perhaps someone else here will have suggestions that are more useful.
I'm an idiot - I meant a connect, not connect:amp. Sorry. There are no pre-outs on the K2 unfortunately.
The manual for the K2 bluetooth version shows a pair; perhaps only that variant has them.
The ordinary Roksan K2 most defiantly has pre outs.
Ah, the joys of autocorrect fails. I have an image in my mind of a Roksan K2 raising a fist, saying "Take that, I have pre-outs" in a defiant manner. 🙂
Nope, doesn't work, unless I'm missing something really obvious....
It looks like the Connect output is wired to the Aux 1 In. And the pre outs are wired to the Connect inputs and CD player to CD inputs on the Roksan, and if so, things should work.

For CD play, the signal would directly go to the amp and thence to the wired speakers once CD is selected on the front panel. And from the pre outs, to Connect as well and thence to other Sonos kit if you set up the line in for the Connect to do so. If all speakers are being played, there will be lag in the sound from the Sonos speakers that cannot be avoided and may/may not be noticeable based on speaker locations. For CD play just via the Roksan, the Connect does not need to be on. Note in this case that the pre outs are almost certain to be volume controlled, so the Roksan volume control and the Connect volume slider will both have a cumulated effect on the sound levels via Sonos kit.

For music sourced directly by the Connect, from the net as an example, music would go to all speakers if Connect and other Sonos kit is playing as one group and if the Roksan is on and Aux 1 selected on the front panel. In this case, music would be in perfect sync across all speakers.

Which of the above isn't working?
There is no sound sent to my other sonos speakers when I play a cd, select the CD player in sonos and have CD selected on the amp. Thank you 🙂
You have to set up and select Line In as source in the Sonos controller to play music from a source that is connected to the line in jacks of the Connect. It can be set up to autoplay on sensing an incoming signal, but that needs to be done in the set up.
I have done that, and called it 'CD player'. Sorry, I should have made that clear!
I have not used Line in for a long time, but once the CD player starts playing and music is heard via the Roksan, does the Sonos Controller, when Connect is selected, show that as connected? Nothing happens when you move the volume control slider of the Connect over to the right?
To make sure you aren't missing any steps, see this:
There is no sound sent to my other sonos speakers when I play a cd, select the CD player in sonos and have CD selected on the amp. Thank you :)
So does sound come out of your normal (non-Sonos) speakers? I'm confused over your wiring - what is the CD actually plugged in to? The Roksan or the Connect? If the Roksan, the CD input or the Aux?
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As you have in effect "tested" the Sonos connect input is working... by previously connecting the CD player OUT to the Connects IN. So can only assume that nothing is coming our of the amps pre sockets (pics look correct) give Roksan a call to see if there is anything obvious.
Sorry guys; I have tried again and turned the volume ALL the way up, and I can hear my CD playing! Amazing! The only issue is it's ridiculously quiet! Think I may go back to the old way and connect the CD player to my connect. Thank you all so much for your help, you all totally rock. Sorry for wasting your time!
Turn up the Line In levels on the Connect; that is probably all that is needed, there is no need to go back to the old way.
Given that the inputs to it are Roksan volume level controlled pre amp outputs, it also may make sense to leave the Connect in Fixed level mode and use just the Roksan volume controls.