Recommend a good amp for Sonos Connect

  • 7 October 2016
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I have a Sonos Connect-Amp but seem to need more power and am planning to switch to a Connect with a separate amp. I also use a speaker selector box with built-in volume control. I currently have six zones and am going to expand to eight.

I'd like to get a good amp that won't break the bank but will give me 100 watts/channel or more. Seems that I need to double the power of the Connect-Amp or it's not worth the trouble.

One other requirement is that the amp must be auto-sensing -- it has to turn on/off with the Sonos.

I've done some searching and found some old threads but am curious as to what others are using now.

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13 replies

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Try browsing selection at Parts Express to get idea
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This one showed out of stock there but had reviews there and on amazon recommending to power mulizone switch
Thanks for the responses. I've done plenty of browsing and was hoping for some real world experience. For every amp that looks good, like the Pyle above, there are reviews saying "it's junk." So I was hoping someone has already done this.

I am very familiar with Parts Express because I've bought several Dayton Audio speakers from them, and am a big fan of Dayton Audio. I'm considering a Dayton amp, maybe this one:

I'm also thinking of something like this:
but my concerns are that I don't think it's enough of a boost in power from the Connect-Amp and also because Amazon has several reviews saying "it's junk."
I should add that my goal is to have something that works just like the Connect-Amp but that has more power. My wife will be the primary user of this setup and if she has to do anything other than touch the Sonos icon on her iphone to get music, I'll never hear the end of it.

I guess my concerns are that adding the component (amplifier) will somehow mess up the auto on/off aspect, such as if it doesn't always work the way it is supposed to. And also that I will spend the money and time and not notice an appreciable difference from using the Connect-Amp.
Dayton is better quality than Pyle, which is junk. For top quality, without the audiophile BS, made in US, 7 year warranty, try ATI.
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Any amp will make it like connect amp as long as you leave amp on.
Why exactly do you think you need more power than the connect:amp provides? What speakers are you using?
I am in the process of switching out some old in-wall speakers that don't sound good (the sound is muddled). I just bought the house and don't know anything about them. I was having an electrician help me run wire to add some more zones - I'm going to have eight zones, meaning eight pairs of speakers - and was complaining about the sound quality to him. He told me to go ahead and replace the speakers, but he thought that wouldn't be enough and I needed a lot more power to drive that many speakers and it seems like that is right.

When I'm done, I'll have two pairs of Dayton Audio outdoor speakers, one pair of Dayton Audio rock speakers, and five pairs of Dayton Audio in-wall/ceiling speakers.
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Are you attempting to connect ALL of those speakers to a SINGLE amp? If so, a single Connect:Amp or any of the others listed in this thread will be completely insufficient.

You also indicate you are setting up 8 zones. Are you hoping to have each zone independent? Or do you plan to have the same music playing in every zone simultaneously? Do you plan to have any in-wall volume controls?
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He is putting it into a impedance matching switch. From my experience to 100watrs per channel handles it. I think a connect amp with about 6 zones would be lacking. Which original poster is not trying to use. A good amp will work fine.
Wire the Connect Amp to the best installed speaker pair, forget about the rest of the installed speakers, and use 1/2 play 1 units, depending on the size of the room.
ATI offers up to 8 channels in a single chassis with their new nCore powered (class D) line. Will remove power from output stages after a few minutes idle, just like the Connect:Amp, to save power. Ideal for your situation, I would think.

If more price sensitive, some great deals can be picked up on their B-Stock site, which also has their less expensive brands, discontinued items, and refurbs like this:
The ATI B stock is some nice deals. The problem for me is I don't have individual volume controllers for each room, so a multi-channel amp wouldn't help. I've got a speaker selector with volume controls for each zone, so I only need a two channel amp to connect to the speaker selector.