Installing Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers From Above?

  • 18 November 2022
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Perhaps a crazy question, but here goes:

I’d like to add in-ceiling sonance speakers in our family room. Problem is, it’s a 2-story tall room so the ceiling is probably 25-30-feet tall. I’d rather not rent a scaffold or lift to deal with it. So that got me thinking:


Since there is attic above that room, would it be possible to install the speakers from above? What I was thinking was Step 1: cut the holes from the attic. Step 2: drop a fishing line/rope/whatever through the hole to the floor below. Step 3: attach the rope to the speaker. Step 4: attach the speaker grill to the speaker. Step 5: Carefully pull the speaker up to the hole from the attic. Step 6:????????????


It seems like steps 1-5 will get me a speaker that is in place, but not secured. I suppose the big question is I can you twist down the locking mechanism from the back side of the speaker? (See picture) Anyone have experience with this? Or does anyone have a speaker handy to see if there’s a way to lower the clamps from the back?



1 reply

Another issue would be attaching the grills from above.

The locks are designed to use self tapping screws. You could replace these with long machine screws or threaded rods and tighten a nut from above.

I recommend practicing and perfecting the technique on earth before taking it to the sky.

A completely separate conversation is the sonic results. At best there will not be any “focus” to the sound. There will be a lot of echos. Maybe this will be good enough for background music, but I’m not optimistic. I recommend finding a way to place speakers closer to the ground. Even then the room may be too “live”.