How to remove items from list of my devices

  • 5 April 2020
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I have been going through my many Sonos devices trying to upgrade the ones that need it. 

When I am on the Sonos site looking at my devices it lists several that I threw away years ago. A bridge, a ZP90, the original remote control. 

Is there any way to delete these devices?


In searching for this question on this forum, all I see is that if the device is given to somebody else, it will be removed from my account when they activate it on their account.  But in this case, I threw the things away. So there is no new account. 

And yes, I know having the old devices listed does not hurt much; but it hurts my need for organization!


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7 replies

Currently, there is no way to ‘remove’ a product, save having someone else add it to their own system. I’ve no idea if Sonos intends to offer such a solution, but I do feel your pain. I try not to look at mine frequently, so that the OCD issues don’t kick in as strongly. 

@thetimallen Thank you for bringing your concerns to us here in the Sonos Community. As Bruce points out, there is no way to remove a product from your account registration unless it has been factory reset or setup under a new Sonos email account. Think of it as a receipt of what has been registered to your account. You likely do not have access to your Zone Bridge to factory reset it. If you would like it not showing up you could setup a new email/password for Sonos then manage your new account to re-register your current products and not see the Zone Bridge anymore. I hope this helps you out.

Just to clarify, factory reset alone does not remove a device from the account. So it’s “factory reset and setup under a new account” not “factory reset or setup...”. 

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Would it not be possible to remove at least the items that were bricked by Sonos years ago? Currently my CR100s are taking up space on the product list, and they are already in a landfill. Ain’t no factory reset happening there… 

It would make sense to simply have the option to unregister a product on the web site. It wouldn't have been very difficult either… 

Same issue here.  I have two devices (Bridge and Play:5) I don’t own anymore and it’s impossible for me to reset.  How can I delete them from my account?  

I will not create new user with a different email I will never use again just to go around what should be a very easy fix for Sonos.  If products can’t be left without any registration they you can leave them in our accounts but add an option to “archive” products and have them not show up.  

It’s one of those things where companies simply don’t listen to consumers and do whatever is easier and cheaper for them.  Shouldn’t be that difficult to resolve if you are truly consumer centered.

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Just would like to know/confirm if those items not in use but couldn’t remove from “my product list” are nothing to do with the “32 Sonos products upper limit”… Right?

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No, that’s the number of working devices in one system.

I’m amazed people make so strong a point of this. There are old devices in a list on a website. Why is this a problem?