How do I connect a Dj mixer to the Sonos port?

  • 18 November 2022
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Last year I installed a Sonos Port in my house which is connected to a home speaker system. Recently, I have purchased a Dj mixer, more specifically the Allen & Heath Xone 23C which I use with a pair of CD Players, the Pioneer XDJ 700’s, and I am wondering if there is anyway to connect those to the Sonos Port so that I could play music through the home speakers? I attached pictures below showing the ports on both the Xone 23C and the XDJ 700's.



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7 replies

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Allen & Heath Xone 23C MONITOR OUT to AUDIO IN on the Port. You may experience a slight delay.

I tried that using an RCA Cable but no sound cam out of from the speakers.

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Have you selected the Line-In option under Browse or selected the Port as the Autoplay Room in the Sonos app? 

No I haven’t tried that, I’ll try it and let you know. Thank you!!


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Let us know how this works. I was worried about the latency between mixer/headphones and the main speaker output. 

I just ordered the Pioneer DJ DDJ- FLX4. I also want to know how bad the latency is before I order the Port to connect it with. 

The latency is 75ms. Typically this will thoroughly fluster home DJ’s. Sound is pokey and travels at about one foot per millisecond. Pro DJ’s are used to audio bouncing back from a distant walls or originating from distant speakers (in this case 75 feet) and have learned to deal with it.