Control beam volume with cd player remote?

  • 12 January 2022
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I'm looking at getting a Port-compatible cd player to integrate our vast cd collection with our Sonos system. Setting it up looks easy and straightforward, except for one thing: how do I control cd volume other than through the Sonos app? Ideally, the remote controlling cd playback would also control the volume. It's going to be playing almost exclusively over the Beam 2. which already supports my tv remote volume control. So is there a way to get the Beam to receive signals from a 2nd remote?


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3 replies

Depends on how your Beam is set up, either optical or via HDMI but essentially, you would need to program your CD player remote to control your TV’s volume, i.e. forcing it to be the same as the TV’s remote. At that point, Sonos would recognize the signal, either IR in the case of optical, or CEC when connected via HDMI ARC, and respond the way you want. 

Sonos can’t be set up to recognize two different types of remote signals, but if you can program one of the remotes to “mimic” the other, then Sonos is only recognizing one input, and will work with as many remotes that are sending that same input.

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Thanks, @Airgetlam. I was afraid of that; the cd player remote doesn't seem very programmable, and neither is the tv remote. Oh well, controlling the volume with the tv remote is not that much of an inconvenience, I guess.

This does make me wonder though: I'd expected that only I myself as OP can mark an answer as Best Answer, unless the question seems abandoned. Is that different on the Sonos forum?

I think the forum moderators have that capability as well.