Connect Sonos to Network with Username + Password

  • 11 November 2016
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Hey community,

I am unable to connect my Sonos 3 to my university network by any means.
I understand a setup with username + password is not possible (which is horrible imho).
So, I got my Sonos Mac-address verified for ethernet connection --> does not work.

The only option is directly connecting my Sonos to my Mac via ethernet, which is not a longterm option, as Spotify is not available via this option (although my Mac has a running internet connection).

Anyone knows a Workaround to connect my Spotify to my Sonos (even if it includes an ethernet cable... any idea is more than welcome)?


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7 replies

Your university Ethernet connection could well be on a different IP subnet from their WiFi, and/or they apply client isolation rules so a Sonos controller couldn't see the PLAY:3.

The simplest option is to use your own small wireless router, such as a travel router. Connect its WAN port into the university network, with all your equipment on its LAN side.
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Just make sure that you clear connecting a router with the IT staff there. You could find yourself in bigger trouble by doing so without any kind of approval. Some of these wireless management systems are designed to discover rogue access points/networks and alert network staff to them.
The fact that the OP got his Sonos MAC address registered -- and if the IT bods are any good they'd know about UPnP's chattiness -- suggested that the staff might err on the side of helpful rather than obstructive.
I have the same problem. Wish I'd read before buying.

1) Sonos should warn people before they buy. I'm considering returning.

2) Any update on if I could enter a username and password? I don't want to deal with a router and get in trouble with IT.
1) Sonos should warn people before they buy.
They do.

Sonos is a Home sound system. How many domestic routers require a portal login to permit network access?
How hard would it be to offer the option? Clearly people buy this for their dorms?

I will use the line in....or return.
Joining a dorm network is not a great idea. Basically you can't win. If there's client isolation it would prevent a Sonos from working at all; and if there isn't then any Tom Dick or Harry could control your Sonos when you least expect it.

Get a travel router. It would allow a username/password to be entered for the building network. And it would provide a private network for the Sonos system, free from potential intrusion.