Can I bridge a sonos amplifier to one speaker

  • 11 September 2012
  • 5 replies

I want to connect a speaker to both left and right channels as mono.

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5 replies

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Hi Jamie, This would not work. The only way to accomplish this would be with a 3rd party device that converts stereo sound to mono, a Monogizer:
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I do not believe the Monogizer will work since it will common ground the amplifier in the Connect:Amp. A best solution would be to use a single stereo speaker such as the Sonance VP65R SST [ ] which has a dual voice coil woofer and a pair of tweeters.
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Hi Steve, Your solution of using a single stereo speaker will work, though using a Monogizer will work from a ZP120 as well. From the ZP120, you will run 4 cables (2+ 2-) to the Monogizer then 2 cables, positive/negative, to the single speaker.
I have not tried the MonoGizer, but I did buy the MonoMixer, also from AudioPlex, to convert stereo input to mono output. Unfortunately, the Monomixer requires an amp with common (grounded) minus (black) speaker terminals - this does NOT include the Sonos Connect:AMP. There is a solution, which requires two MonoMixers to defeat the absence of a common grounded (-) on digital amps. I have reached out to AudioPlex to determine if the MonoGizer has the same limitation.