Sonos amp distribution block

  • 26 August 2022
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I have 6 sonos sonance in ceiling speakers, however I am using 14/2 speaker wire. I do not think I can fit the wires into the sonos amp terminals, I was think of a speaker distribution block but it mentions having to use in wall impedance matching volume controls or it will hurt the amp?

2 replies

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You are looking at the wrong type of distribution block.

You’d be best off to just add a short length of cable, put it and the speaker cables together in a wire-nut and hook the short cable to the Amp.

If you really want a distribution block you need something like 2 of these for the left and right channels.

It won’t be so easy, but if your wire ends are very neat, you should be able to stuff them into the binding posts.

I’m not keen on using wire nuts for stranded speaker wire.

The MONOPRICE gadget will be OK to use with the SONANCE speakers, but in general it would not be appropriate with three pairs of other 8-Ohm speakers.