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  • 14 January 2018
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I thought I had this figured out before my purchase but, no. I have 3 zones I need powered. Two speakers on the patio, one stereo speakers in the kitchen/dining area, and 5.1 in the family room. I bought a Onkyo TX-RZ620 (2 powered zones) and a connect amp and wireless sub. I'm trying to have a system that has the flexibility to either play the same thing in each zone (like listen/watch a football game) or a combination of this (movie in living room/ music in other zones). Anyone have any idea what else I need to get to make this happen?

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18 replies

Hi. If you want 5.1 from Sonos you need a Playbar or Playbase. How are you aiming to create 5.1?

Do you have passive speakers for the Connect:Amp?
I bought the sonos sub then have 5 wired ceiling speakers.
So the speakers connect to the Onkyo receiver? If so, you cannot use a Sonos Sub with that. How are you hoping to use the Connect:Amp?
Honestly, I thought I could control the receiver with the connect amp and it would add the extra zone that I needed. Obviously, that's not the case. Do you know if there's anything I need to add to achieve this goal? Thanks so much for your help.
You mention speakers on the patio and in kitchen. Are these speakers that you own already?
This whole system I recently purchased and installed. Covered patio with a pair of polks and a single stereo Polk in the kitchen.
So those are all powered speakers? That is, they do not need an amplifier? If so then each of those two zones would need a Sonos Connect.
So if I'm understanding correctly, I didn't need the connect amp. And I'll need two connects to get the system to work the way I need it to? Would that also incorporate the 5.1 setup? Thanks again.
No you would need another Connect. But this whole thing sounds pretty odd. If you wanted Sonos multiroom, why start by installing a whole load of non-Sonos equipment?
Because I was under the impression that the Sonos connect: amp would control the Receiver and I would be able to use the wired speakers through the Receiver. I explained what I want to several different sources including Crutchfield, local stereo shops, and sonos support and not one of the sources said I couldn't do this.
During my remodel I had the ceilings wired for the speakers.
In fact if you are running two zones off the receiver then you might be able to use the line in on the C:A to feed the third zone. You would have to run cables to the third zone and they would have to be passive speakers
But the Connect:Amp cannot in any sense control your receiver
Ok. I'll try that. The problem I've had so far is that the sub fires with the sonos supported speaker in the other zone so if I've got the patio playing music the sub is firing in the living room. I'll try to hook up the sub to the receiver ( hopefully wirelessly) and go from there.
I am still not clear whether your ceiling speakers are powered or passive.
You cannot link the Sonos Sub to the receiver. It can be used only with amplified Sonos components
Hmmm, good to know. I'll make some room in the garbage.
Thanks again for your help