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Sonos Amp for Low Impedance Speakers

I recently ordered a set of Focal Aria 936 speakers to run with my new Sonos Amp. Before ordering, I verified that the speakers are nominally 8 ohms. However, I now see that they actually dip to 2.8 o...

New Sonos Amp Apple TV / remote

Apple-TV connected to TV. Sonos Amp (the new one) connected HDMI-ARC. Question will the AppleTV remote control the volume of the Amp like it does with the Playbar?

Amp and Totem

I have a pair of Totem Arro's being delivered Wednesday. I have an Amp connected to the original Bose Acoustimass 5's now, and looking forward to the Arro's with the Amp - hoping Sonos can make these...

Sound Level from Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable Not Loud Enough Using SONOS Connect

I installed my new Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable into my SONOS Sytems using a SONOS Connect box that I had been using with an old stereo. I have the Line-In set up correctly with Line-In Source Le...

Harmony Hub Ultimate, Sonos:Connect, favorites, and "Line-In"

I just posted this in a Harmony support forum as well, but it is probably as likely to be addressed by Sonos as it is as by Harmony. . . maybe more likely? ------------- I like the Harmony hub remot...

Bose or the new SONOS/Sonance In-Ceiling speakers?

Hi everybody Question#1: I need help to pick the right speaker set.. I buiding a new extension (50 m2/550 ft2) to my house and I'm planning to use 2 SONOS Connect:Amp (probably going to switch thos...

What can I Connect to the Sonos Connect

Hey all, New to the Sonos community. Not sure how to ask this question. I was recently given a Sonos Connect XP90. Can I only connect this to an amp and to wired speakers, or can i use this to...

Turntable To sonos 5

Obviously not an expert on this but struggling with setting up my turntable I bought a project essential III as recommended on sonos site, and having a sonos 1 and two 3’s I also invested in a sonos...

Pocket Casts Features

I wish you would consider adding a few more robust features to the Pocket Casts app Jump forward or back 15 (or 30) seconds Ability to delete cast after listening Change playback speed (1.2x, 1.3x, 1....

Hifi headphones

What features must have a hi-fi headphone to be connected to a sonos play:5 ? 32 ohms ? 250 ohms ? In which cases is it necessary to add an amplifier ?

What HiFi reviews the Sonos Amp.


Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Penta Active Speakers with Sonos

I have a pair of B&O Penta speakers from the late 1980s, Type 6623. One Penta is working beautifully with a phono input from a Sonos Connect. The second Penta speaker stopped working awhile ago with a...

Sonos Connect:Amp and Airplay 2

I've seen hundreds of references to the Sonos speakers that will and will not support Airplay 2, but I haven't seen a definitive word as to whether the Connect:Amp will directly support Airplay 2. By...

New Connect Amp for main Hi-Fi ?

Hello I'm nearly all Sonos. In the front room I have a Sonos Connect feeding an external Zodiac Gold Dac (Linear power supply) which feeds a power amp into my Focal speakers. The room also has a Bea...

turntable advise

Hello, I don't know if there is already a topic on this. I would like to have a list of turntables that can work with Sonos system, so with integrated pre-amp and phono. In addition of the Pro-Ject Es...

Changing Pre-Set Volume on Connect

I have a SONOS Connect, which is set up with an Onkyo tuner. The volume control within the SONOS app is set at 100%. The volume on my iphone is also set up to maximum. Here is my problem -- I have...

Is there a new Sonos Connect (hardware update) coming, to support Airplay 2?

Hi, I already understand older Sonos hardware cannot support Airplay 2 via firmware update. But is there a new hardware version of Sonos Connect coming that will support Airplay 2?

In-Ceiling / In-Wall

Can I wired the upcoming In-Ceiling / In-Wall speakers to my "old" Connect:Amp or do I need to buy the new Amp?

Connecting Beam with pre-existing passive in-ceiling speakers for surrounds

Recently jumped onto the Sonos bandwagon. Started with Beam for my TV/open Kitchen area. I have 2 pre-existing passive in-ceiling speakers (in that main room) that are run through an old amp in base...

What can the ethernet ports be used for on a Connect using wifi?

.. as the title says..? I have now connected my "Sonos Connect" over the wifi instead of using SonosNet from another device due to drop outs..(longer story, not relevant at this point) But now i cant...

What’s best for connecting Flexson VinylPlay Turntable to my system Sonos Connect? ZP80? ZP90?

Hi I have just picked up a Flexson Vinylplay turntable as I want to add Vinyl to my current Sonos set up Which is the best/cost effective way of connecting it to my system? Sonos Connect? Sonos Connec...

Latency with Sonos AMP?

Question : I'm thinking of using the amp alongside a home recording setup. Does anyone know if there's noticeable lag when using photo for audio in - particularly as it would feed into a Sonos-net?

What does Sonos Amp do?

Does the sonos amp boost existing power of sonos speakers or is it just to be able to connect non sonos speakers? Is there any benefit to adding the amp if all my system is entirely Sonos?

Sonos Amp with Sonos surrounds?

Anyone know if the Sonos Amp will have the opportunity to connect to other Sonos-speakers for “surround” use. Center speaker will probably not be possible, but it would be great it you could have a 4....

Sonos Amp UK release date?

Does anybody have a definite release date for the new Amp in the UK?


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