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Sonos connect / chromecast audio dropouts...

Hello All, Since I was not able to wait for the sonos / google home support. I decided to get a chromecast audio and hook it up to my sonos connect. The setup seems to be right. When I ask google as...

Sonos One cuts out when connected to a Google Home system via chromecast audio

Audio keeps cutting off on Sonos One. It is part of a larger configuration that includes a Sonos Connect with a google chromecast audio module and a Google Home. We have it set up the way you suggest...

Sonos Beam and Surround Sound with ZP90 (amp)

Just bought a new Sonos Beam and was trying to set up surround sounds with a Amp ZP90 However the beam is not compatible with a ZP90 Just a warning to others. Remember Sonos are actively removing o...

Apple TV

All my apps work except Met Opera on Demand since I installed Beam

New Sonos Amp audio setup. Advice needed on getting digital signal.

Hi all. I am configuring my new Sonos Amp, its connected to a 2.1 speakers setup in my living room, and an older (2011) Samsung TV. It plays all the regular Sonus sources just fine, but I cannot g...

Expand the Sonos Play5

Hi, Since a couple of weeks I've moved to a bigger place so I would like to expand my SONOS Play5. Which multiroom speaker should I buy? I need just one more for upstairs (bathroom and such)



Fire stick sound wont play through Sonos. Help

I cannot get the sound to play through my Sonos Beam when I connect and use my fire stick. What is the issue or what will I need to get firestick apps to play sound through Sonos bean? I am not using...

Big turntable problem

Hey guys! I have some issues with the sound from my turntable. I own an Audio-Technica A-T lp3 with a at95 PHONO cartridge. The problem is the sound is low even with the preamp on. The cartridge deli...

CONNECT Model Years

Can someone tell me what is the most recent model of the Connect (dates on the bottom of device)? I have seen devices with copyright dates of 2004-2009 and 2004-2013 and I want to know if there's a ne...

Sonos with turntable - very poor sound quality

Hi, We have just set up our Sonos 5 with a Rega P1 plus with a built in pre amp... I have set the line in level from 2 to 9 but the volume, particularly the vocal (odd) is really very quiet. It also...

Sonos Play 1 & firestick

I have a amazon fire stick could I play the sound from the tv when using the fire stick through my Sonos Play 1 ?

Bose Cinemate II - can I use Connect to add all 3 speakers (incl. sub) to Sonos?

Can I use Connect to use my Bose Cinemate II system speakers (includes 2 speakers and a sub)? I ask because the FAQs suggest it can only connect 2 speakers (and mine has... well 3 including the sub).

Line in not showing up

I purchased an audio technica turntable and have tried to connect the audio in to my Sonos connect. I’ve read that I should be able to plug in to the audio in and the “line in” will show in my app und...

connecting multiple wired recievers with sonos connect

i am purchasing a sonos connect to attach to a nad 388 amplifier in order to stream music from my synology nas to the nad amplifier i also have two onkyo recievers which are hard wired to the route...

Which Digital Option

I have an 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher which tracks digital coaxial audio outputs with each HDMI output. I want to output the digital coaxial audio to either a Connect:amp or Amp. If I use the Connect: am...

How does Autoplay on new Sonos Amp work?

Just got a new Sonos Amp, and I have my TV connected via ARC HDMI and a turntable connected via the line in. It strikes me that the new Amp is unique in that it's the only Sonos product that has TV mo...

Sonos 5 and Rega P1-Plus.

I just added a couple of Play:5s and a Rega P1-plus (turntable w/built in preamp), and when switch to line-in mode i get a feedback. Is this due a bad RCA connector?

Access music library via the bridge?

I have a Sonos bridge connected to my iMac (latest OS), and three ZonePlayers in various rooms. Everything works a treat. But I can't figure out how to access my music collection from my desk (i.e. vi...

Full range from CONNECT:AMP's subwoofer output

I would like to connect my subwoofer to a Connect Amp's subwoofer output. However, the sub out on the amp has a low frequency cutoff at 80hz. My subwoofer has its own variable lowpass filter and I d...

Sonos Amp Power Cord?

At the moment the Accessories part of the Sonos website doesn't make clear which type of power cable the new Amp uses. Does anyone know which one it is and which other Sonos units use the same power c...

Connect AMP for surround but sub is now gone...

I have a connect amp and a playbar. I had a powered sub plugged into the amp and everything was great. I decided to add 2 bookshelf speakers to the amp as well for surround. I hooked it all up and did...

New Sonos Amp Apple TV / remote

Apple-TV connected to TV. Sonos Amp (the new one) connected HDMI-ARC. Question will the AppleTV remote control the volume of the Amp like it does with the Playbar?

Wireless earphone Sonos Connectivity

I hold all my music on a hard drive and would like the ability to access it through superb earphones using the SONOS network. It would make life so much easier when the rest of the family want to do s...

Is there a noticeable delay on the RCA input on the new sonos Amp through to the speakers it drives?

I mix records through my current amplifier and would like to do the same through the sonos amp but if there is a delay caused then it’s not going to work. My current amp is analogue and it works fine,...


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