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Choosing a vinyl player for Play 1

  • 9 December 2023
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I have 2 Sonos Play 1 speakers and I'm looking to buy a vinyl player to connect to them. I see the Pro-Ject T1 mentioned a lot in relation to Sonos ,but I'm not sure if it would connect to the Play1. 

Any guidance on which vinyl player would be compatible, or anything else I would need to buy to connect them to a vinyl player would be greatly appreciated.

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Best answer by jgatie 9 December 2023, 02:24

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2 replies

You would need a turntable with a phono pre-Amp, either built in or external, and a Sonos with a Line-In.  Line-In equipped Sonos are the Amp, Port, Five, and Era 100/300 (Eras require the separate Line-In accessory).

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I’ve seen this one mentioned, not actually seen it though.