Multiple Sonos Amps

  • 23 March 2024
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Is it safe and recommended to stack Sonos Amps?


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3 replies

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You can stack them but you need to insure adequate ventilation and pay attention to WiFi interference issues with them so close.

A big part of the answer to the second bit there is “How are you going to be using the stacked Amps?”

In terms of networking here is a wiring suggestion. My suggestion is to wire them all to a switch that supports STP. Most unmanaged switches support STP without offering this as an option.

With respect to stacking, somewhere I think there is a statement of four. I cannot find this reference at the moment. I’m more conservative and set the limit at two. Regardless, the cabinet must provide adequate air flow. Slapping a rack of equipment in a closed closet will cook everything.

Thank you. I have just two stacked on an open shelf, and based on your suggestion, I patched them to my Ethernet hub. Thanks for the advice!