Updates on using surround speakers independently of master?

  • 31 March 2024
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I have my amp setup as surround speakers with my arc. For music playback I would like to switch to the amp speakers only (I.e. have a third option such as „front surround only“ besides „ambient“ and „full“)
I know that this is not possible yet. But as the feature has been requested so many times since multiple years: is there any timeline from Sonos on this? I don’t think this should be to hard to implement…



2 replies

SONOS does not publish a roadmap.

Based on leaks and rumors about new products in the mill, I doubt that implementing this feature would be high on the priority list for staff time commitment. SONOS is also reluctant to add buttons that some users might feel are ‘complicated’.

Bottom line — don’t hold your breath.

And has been discussed in many, many threads, it isn’t as likely to be as ‘easy’ to do as one might think.