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  • 15 March 2024
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Hi all,

I currently have 2x sonos 5s, 2x sonos ones and a sub in my living room. I can only use them to play music at the moment because they are connected to a soundbar or amp. Is it possible to get a Beam gen2 and then connect all the speakers to the tv? So basically the Beam would need to act as a center speaker. I have a fairly large living area (10m x 5m with 4m+ ceilings) so only a beam (or even arc) with 2 rears wouldn’t do the trick. 


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4 replies

No, there’s is no setup that lets you use a Sonos soundbar (or any other soundbar) as a center speaker.  Soundbars are by definition the Left, Center, and Right speakers in a single enclosure. 

So will I be better off with a Sonos amp rather than soundbar?

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I think Amp needs passive speakers, rather than Sonos’ active ones. It will then drive Front Left and Front Right speakers and create a phantom Centre channel. 

Just to lay it out clearly, there is no option other than the Sonos soundbars to have three front speakers. The soundbars include all three in a single enclose, the Sonos Amp requires two passive speakers, and creates a ‘faux’ center channel by sending that data to both right and left.