DTS converter to Dolby digital 5.1

  • 1 May 2016
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Is there any converter on the marker that converts dts to dolby digital (With hdmi and optimal output and Hdmi input)

Playing Blu rays With only dts HD or dts soundtracks is not possible With the playbar (I dont want to select pcm as output so that is not an option)

Or IF anyone can recommend a blu-ray player With option to re encode dts to DD 5.1. IF you recommend one I need complete settings in audio menu.
My Sony BDP-S 5500 has dolby digital compatible output (converts dts to DD 5.1 using edid) but its NOT I say again NOT working tried everything...reset all different settings etc.

My tv supports DD 5.1 pass thru via hdmi (arc) to optical out on Tv so thats not the issue. Even tried connecting via coax out to toslink adapter and then to playbar without getting
DD 5.1 .

Please can anyone recommend a solution to get DD 5.1 to playbar When playing blu-ray disc with only dts soundtracks. The DD 5.1 soundtracks are always dubbed in some shit language like Spanish so I can never choose the DD 5.1 soundtrack without having the english dubbed.

5 replies

@Rusken, Buenas dias. Español no es una lengua de mierda! If you have your optical discs ripped, a Raspberry Pi running Kodi can handle your DTS conversions perfectly. Sorry I don't have any experience with blue ray disc players.
All good 🙂 Sonos gives a list of BluRay players that are confirmed working for DTS conversion here
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There is no such DTS to DD converter on the market. Audio Extractors and HDMI switch do not do that either. At best they will allow you to force your BD player to give you stereo. Though in theory manipulating your EDID either using Audio Extractor, HDMI switch or an EDID emulator/manager such as HDFury Dr HDMI, could force your BD player to give you LPCM 2.0 or even in the odd case Dolby Digital 5.1 but I would not count on surround really.

See my experience there:

You need a BD player capable of doing this.
Some XBox apparently do that.
Now discontinued Oppo UDP-203 does that.
Some discontinued Samsung BD players do that.
I understand some Samsung TV could be helping too.
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When I contacted Sonos they said there are adapters available. This is one of the inconvenience of having Sonos "home theatre" product. I am happy with the Beam but having to change audio to PCM when I put on bluray disc is a bit annoying at times.