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  • 22 March 2017
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Just wanted to say how impressed I am with sonos after sales support. It is second to none. I split the shroud on my play 5 power cord where it plugs into the back of the speaker. I chatted with the online tech support, simply to ask where I could get one in Australia. My address was asked, and a replacement. Cable was sent, no questions asked and completely free of charge. So impressed. Love my sonos system!!

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6 replies

Outstanding customer service here in the UK. PLAYBASE would not connect to WiFi on Sunday, Sonos ran a diagnostic and immediately acknowledged the hardware issue. Picked up the speaker on the Tuesday, said it had arrived with them in the Netherlands by Wednesday, and I had my replacement by Friday. Wish there could be more companies like you! (This was also a US version, which I had brought to the UK - most companies would make you send it back to the states!)
Delighted to hear of you experience. Although I *think* the only difference between one countries' version of each device is the power cord that is included.... 🙂
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Always good to hear good stories!
Today is Saturday. It would appear that there is no phone number for customer service that I can find. We were going to show our Sonos system to about 50 people coming over tonight and the music keeps cutting out due to a notice from Spotify. I ONLY want Sonos and apparently, you two do NOT get along. Seems that Spotify keeps interrupting and turning off my music. I think you have a battle going on and they are trying to take your equipment over. Up until now, it seems that it was working extremely well. Maybe I should delete it from my phone, not sure if that will help. Your community help is pretty useless in this situation. So, I guess I will explain to our guests that since some war going on with you and Spotify, the music cuts out about every 15 seconds. Sooooo disappointing!!!!! Maybe it is time to, ugh, look at Bose...... If you would like to make a good customer out of me, call me please and see if you are able to redeem yourselves.....
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Rbweiss - try changing your router channel and rebooting.

Worst case - try plugging one of the Sonos speakers into your router. Then adjust the Sonosnet channel to be at least 5 channels away from your router. Would recommend router on channel 1 and Sonosnet on channel 11 or vice versal.

ARe you using Spotify from the Spotify app on the phone casting from or are you using the Spotify app inside Sonos. Does that make a difference.
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Hi rbweiss1, I hope you were able to get the music going on Saturday. Our support is a little limited over the weekends, we aren't actively troubleshooting on the community and we don't have the phones staffed up, but we are available for both Facebook Messenger and Twitter support during those days to help out. If you're still having trouble, you can find our hours and phone number here.

What you're describing sounds like some network interference or wireless noise that we can help pin down and resolve. But that's just a guess based on the symptoms you've described. We'd be happy to help you get it sorted out.