Sonos Arc with Nintendo Switch

  • 13 June 2020
  • 2 replies

I just got the Arc but havent gotten a chance to set it up yet. I have heard that surround sound over Nintendo Switch isn't available yet. Has anyone with an Arc tried this? Does anyone know if there is going to be an update for this?

2 replies

Nintendo Switch only supports LPCM for surround sound so until the Arc is updated to support LPCM (it’s in the works) then it will just play stereo for the time being. 

However you still will still need a tv that supports LPCM passthrough via eARC for it to work anyways. 

Got a Switch and Sonos Arc, on a LG oled55b9

connection through hdmi 2.1

If I choose "surround" it just doesn't play right: the test plays 6 chimes but I can hear 4 or 5, and while playing games it's clear that sometimes you're losing something (a track, a piece of speech, ... )

That's a pity!