Lost access to songs, playlist option and Spotify

  • 25 May 2019
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Hi, I have just changed my WiFi network and re set my Sonos. I now have no access to any music whatsoever. The playlist option has disappeared and if I type in a song, artist etc, there is nothing! What have I done and how can I solve issue ?

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6 replies

The dreaded words here are 'and reset my Sonos'. If you mean you factory reset the units, that was totally unnecessary on a change of network and would have deleted everything on your system. I hope that isn't what you have done??
Here are the relevant instructions from the Sonos Support website.
Hi John B, many thanks for your reply. I don’t think I have done a factory reset as I followed the instructions that Sonos led me through and which you have just kindly sent. However, I am not technically minded and anything is possible! I have recently set up my Sonos in another house to where I live on different speakers. Could this be the problem ? Any advice gratefully received, thank you again
Then that is good news. Playlists and just about everything else in Sonos are stored on the speakers. So if these are new speakers your playlists won't be on them.

The first thing you can do is link your Spotify account to your new system, in Add Music Services.
If you want to get your playlists from your existing system you can do that, but would need to bring a speaker from that existing system.
Thanks John - that is really helpful. Will give it a go...Just given it a go - it works!! Thanks so much for all your help