The Icon on the Desktop.

Whenever I looked at (Mac) dock, I see the Sonos App icon and I was very disappointed by it. It seems weird? And unrelated? I guess my overall the problem would just be: the icon is bad. It needs changes. I'm not that much of a graphic designer, but the thing needs to change. It seems sort of out-of-date. Does anyone have the same opinion as I am? And by the way. I know this is a picky thing to do, but I still need to point it out regardless.

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Click the link...your wait for change is over :D
Be careful what you wish for...
The controller apps have grown progressively worse since Amazon Alexa integration began. And the latest interfaces launch horrid harsh visual assault, with no option to revert or reskin. Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS - they are all consistently repellant. I'm afraid that Sonos has truly lost its way.


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