Tunein BBC radio stations stopped working

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Using the BBC radio stations from Tunein has stopped working. If I say, for example, "Play Radio four" it replies playing "Playing BBC Radio 4 from Tunein on (Front Room)". Then silence. On all my Sonos speakers.
Other radio stations from Tunein work.
If I just use my Echo Dot it works. Though I suspect Amazon are not using Tunein? I am not sure.
I can play Radio 4 through the Sonos app on my mobile phone.
Music works. From Spotify.
Tunein directly works on my PC.
I have tried switching my router off and on again. I have switched my Sonos speaker off and on again.
I have Disabled and Enabled the Sonos skill.
Not working.
Anybody got any suggestions?

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Check this thread: https://en.community.sonos.com/amazon-alexa-and-sonos-229102/tunein-radio-stations-won-t-play-6802976/index1.html#post16209488

Amazon say it's a technical issue and they don't know when it'll be fixed. We'll have to hope it's soon as until then there's no way to start playing BBC radio on Sonos devices using Alexa.
Thanks dasym.
I had the same problem just trying to player any BBC station via tunein. I added Radioplayer to my music services and BBC radio station work perfectly via that service
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I've had a similar problem for the last week or so. For me it seems to be only Radio 2 that doesn't work - I just get a message "Unable to play the radio station". Radios 1, 3, 4 & 5 seem to work ok. I have 2 x Play:1 speakers & a Playbar. Initially just one of the Play:1 speakers was affected but now none of them will play Radio 2.
Strange, I've just set up a One and Radio 2 works fine using TuneIn for me. "Alexa, Play Radio2" and it defaults to tune in and plays, faultlessly (so far). Long may it continue because this is just the type of quirk my wife and I were concerned about. Been very impressed so far! Hope your issues are resolved shortly. Couldn't be a conflict between Skills issue could it? We have very few skills downloaded.
You can paste the BBC URL’s from this website into Tunein http://steveseear.org/high-quality-bbc-radio-streams/
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Thanks for the link, JKL. That seems to work so at least I'm reconnected. Still curious to know the reason for the problem, though.

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