Strange Volume Effect with Echo Dot and Sonos

  • 7 October 2017
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I have an Echo Dot connected to a Connect via analog in...and the Connect connected from analog out to my speakers via a Sonance amplifier. I'm finding that, since starting the Sonos skill, when I talk to Alexa, her volume out of my Sonos/speaker setup is at such a low volume that it is barely audible. This lasts for about 10-15 seconds, and then volume goes up to normal. I have the volume control on the Dot set a maximum and the Sonos volume set at a normal listening level. Before setting up the Sonos skill, the volume was always fine...right where I set it. Interestingly, if I immediately invoke "Alexa" after she starts speaking (like if I ask for the weather), when I can barely hear her, and tell her to turn up the volume, her output immediately goes to the normal audible volume. Also, once the Sonos music starts, volume is normal, based on my volume setting in the Sonos app. However, if I again invoke "Alexa", her volume is low again.

Best answer by jgatie 7 October 2017, 16:48

That is because of the "ducking" feature which lowers the Sonos volume so Alexa can hear. I'm sure Sonos never figured people would continue to use the line-in function after the Alexa implementation was in place (and why would they?).
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26 replies

jgatie, inferior or not, it is currently the only way to play my Audible books through my 5 Sonos speakers and having it cut out for the 10-15 seconds for ducking is still annoying. Especially if the 10-15 seconds makes up the entirety of the sound.