• 23 January 2023
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I cannot get Spotify to work on either my Sonus one or beam. Recently updated my router and connected both items and added Alexa. Alexa speaks and actions my request but nothing plays. Has anyone experience this and know how to fix. They both worked fine before. On the flip side, Google assistant works fine. So confusing please help. 



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5 replies

Try removing and reauthorising your ‘Sonos Skill’ in the Amazon Alexa App to setup the sharing token again between your Amazon and Sonos Accounts.

Ensure the Spotify Music service is reauthorised too using the same login credentials for your Spotify account in both Apps (Sonos & Amazon Alexa) and that it is set as the default music service for Alexa.

Hi Ken

I have tried this and still nothing. I have also reset both devices in the hope this would rectify, but nothing. Its so strange that Alexa actions my request, says playing Spotify or radio and nothing plays but works fine on Google assistant. 

I have other Alexa devices which is why I want to find a solution as they are all linked. 


Thank you for your help though. 

.kind regards


Maybe try ‘signing out of all devices’ from within your Spotify online account …and then sign back in on both the Sonos App and Alexa App and see if that sorts it. Also check your online Sonos account profile has the UK installed as your country in the online user profile here:

If the problems persist after that it maybe best to submit a system diagnostic and either note/post it’s reference back here and then contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff via this LINK  and see what the Staff can suggest to resolve the issue.

To fix issue had to reset both devices and log in as new account. Not sure what happened to my original one as everything should have worked. It's now working but under my wife's account. 

I’ve given up on Alexa on Sonos. I tell Sonos/Alexa to play “1950’s music” and it asks me what to play. I ask my Alexa dot and it plays music from the 1950’s.  I ask for a specific playlist by name and it says it is having problems right now.  I ask it for weather and I get different results from the Alexa dot. I ask for my calendar and it says I am not logged in. I ask my Alexa dot and it gives me the calendar results. Any questions give a much more basic/shorter response than the Alexa dot. The mic pickup is not as good as the $25 dot sitting right next to it.