Sonos One in Alexa Speaker Group?

  • 11 December 2020
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I have mostly Amazon Echo devices in my house, with the exception of two Sonos One speakers working as a stereo pair in my living room. Every Echo speaker is in an Alexa group “Everywhere” so I can play music “everywhere” in my house.

Except the Sonos One speakers aren’t listed as available for the speaker group. 

I’ve heard that it’s the fault of Amazon for not allowing third-party speakers to be integrated into speaker groups in Alexa. I’ve also heard that it’s Sonos integration that’s to blame and that there are other third party speakers that can be part of a speaker group. 

Is there a solution? And if so, how do I get my Sonos One speaker pair onto my “everywhere” group?

If not, what’s the update, Sonos? What would be involved for your speakers to be available for speaker groups through the Alexa app?

7 replies

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The issue here is that the technology to sync audio across multiple rooms is proprietary and in fact Sonos is currently sueing Google for patent infringement of this very thing..

With regards to other speakers being included, I'm not aware of any non Amazon multi room speakers that can be grouped currently.


Thanks. Highly disappointing and really leaves us consumers out in the cold. :-(

This really is disappointing. I’m the same as you Dave T, I’ve mainly got Alexa speakers controlling smart bulbs, plugs and my heating, as well as playing music, etc. I forked out on a Sonos Move to fill my open plan kitchen/family room area with sound, and also thinking that I could link all my speakers together for a full on in-house experience. Sadly, I now know, this isn’t possible. And there appears to be an impasse not allowing this to happen. 

@Sonos, consumers want this - how can you make this happen? Or I may have to stop buying expensive Sonos equipment and go back to all Amazon Alexa devices to get that coverage I want.

There is a solution. Kind of. Buy cheap echo dots and connect the audio out to your sonos speaker audio in. You are then in effect using the echo dot as your “bridge” between sonos speaker and Alexa group. You would add the echodot to “everywhere” group 

Been over a year and a half since I bought the Sonos Move and realized it didn’t group with my collection of Echos.  At 400 bucks it should do everything the others do and more.


Unfortunately it looks like Sonos is much like Apple in the sense they like to litigate pointless stuff like basic technology that shouldn’t be patentable anyway…  “Synch Audio”…  Really?  And they don’t like to work with other services while blaming the other services for it.  

This was the only Sonos product I have ever bought and it’s the only one I ever will buy,  The Echo Studio is half the price of the Sonos Move, 30% louder, has double the drivers, and just plain sounds better.  The only advantage to the Move is the wireless charging and portability/water dust shielding.  If it wasn’t for fan boys Sonos would have died off long ago.

Take care!  Brush your hair!

Yeah, have the same issue.  Hopefully Sonos will put out a future update.