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  • 2 November 2017
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I am form Mumbai, India. I have been using Sonos with Alexa integration till yesterday, until Amazon launched Alexa services in India. To get the local skills I had my Amazon marketplace for Alexa changed from UK to India and since then my Sonos skill for Alexa vanished.
I am unable to search Sonos skill on Alexa Skills page. On contacting Amazon, they replied that Sonos hasn't released the skill for India 😞.
Any clue how can I enable the Sonos skill for Alexa whilst having the location India.


Best answer by Ryan S 11 November 2017, 01:37

Sorry for the delay, we most certainly read every thread, but it's been so busy of late that it's difficult to keep up.

I know you're hungry for news and eagerly awaiting any announcement or details from us. I don't have an official statement for you on support for the Sonos Alexa skill in India above what's already been said.

Alexa support for Sonos is available in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and we're hard at work getting everything ready to bring the Sonos skill for Alexa to more countries. We haven't announced which countries are up next, but our aspiration is everywhere.

I think it's important to remember that Sonos isn't currently sold directly in India. While we have some great customers like you guys, we have yet to officially enter India as a company. We're definitely interested and love that you are such early adopters, and clearly interested and involved. We'd love to bring Sonos to all countries, as well as Alexa support for Sonos. We’re working with Amazon on their Alexa expansion plans, and for that matter, with Google on theirs with Assistant, to bring voice control to Sonos everywhere we can.

Stay tuned for more details!
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80 replies

I have a pair of Sonos Ones and it does not work in India. Alexa can not find SONOS skill. I have written to Amazon and Sonos support multiple times and they just play the blame game and accuse each other of not enabling the skill.

I'd suggest everyone to write to both Sonos and Amazon and demand that the skill is enabled.
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My Sonos skill for Alexa, "My Speaker", is now available in India. Requires an iOS device or a Windows 10 PC for the companion app. Give it a try.
I get a message saying that the companion app does not seem to have ever run on your network. What next?
I have been able to link the account, and the My Speaker skill shows that the skill is enabled. But invoking the My Speaker command yields the message mentioned in the preceding post.
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I sent you a PM.