Link Beam to Fire TV Stick

  • 10 September 2018
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Please can someone tell me how to link my Sonos Beam to my Amazon Fire TV Stick?

I have tried following these instructions ( but at point 4 after choosing the Fire TV Stick, I find that there is no "Alexa-enabled Sonos speaker" (or anything else) in the list of Alexa devices.

I note from this link ( that "To link your Alexa and Fire TV devices, they must be registered to the same Amazon account." Originally the Fire TV Stick was registered to me and the Beam was registered to my wife. At first the "Sonos Beam", the "Lounge", and "This Device", each showed up twice in the Alexa App on my phone. One instance of the Beam had my wife's name against it, and I have managed to remove it using the blue Deregister link. I trust that this means that both devices are now registered to my account but I am not sure! In addition I am puzzled by the duplicate entries for "Lounge" and "This Device".

If anyone is able to help it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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2 replies

Regarding seeing the Beam twice in the Alexa app, that is normal. The Beam essentially plays two roles in Alexa, as an Alexa enabled device and as a smart speaker. In contrast Sonos products like the play:1 or playbar only show up in Alexa as a smart speaker since you cannot talk directly to the speaker

I can't really follow what devices are registered on which accounts, but you found out, the beam and fire tv need to be registered under the same amazon account. It sounds like you either need to move the firetv to your wife's account, or the Beam to your account. If you're switching the firetv account, I think that can be done through the firetv's settings. If you're switch the Beam's account, log into the Alexa account it's setup with, then disable the Sonos smart skill. You'll also likely need to go remove the Beam from the list of Alexa enabled devices. Then you can follow the Sonos setup for linking the beam to the proper Amazon account (as a alexa enabled device) and then re-enable the Sonos smart skill (as a smart speaker).

FYI, you should be able to setup Alexa so that it's linked to both of your Amazon accounts as far as music playing goes, but I don't have much experience with this myself.
Thanks for your help melvimbe. I followed your suggestions and at first, I thought that it had made no difference! In the end it turned out that having the text set somewhat on the large side on my iPhone, meant that the list of Alexa devices that I was expecting at step 4 was completely hidden behind the Continue and Cancel buttons! A bit of a fault with the Alexa app; so I am not sure to what extent this was the source of all my issues. Anyway sorted out now.