Getting Alexa to play Responses and Music on a Play:1

  • 10 December 2022
  • 2 replies

Hello, all.
I have four rooms of Play:1s with four Amazon Echo Dots.

When I ask Alexa to play music, it plays it over the Sonos speakers in the correct room.  But when it responds to commands,  Alexa’s voice comes over the Echo Dot.

This was previously working as desired (all sound coming through Sonos) in three of four rooms.  To get it right, I went through a disable skill/ de-register/ re-enable process.  Now…

  • three of the Alexa’s responses are played on the Echo Dot and not the Sonos speakers.
  • One Echo Dot is not playing anything on the Sonos.  The Sonos app still correctly controls that Sonos.

Any ideas on how I get both Alexa responses and music to play over Sonos?  There has to be a way as I did have it working in some cases.


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2 replies

Responses from an Echo device have never been able to play over Sonos.

Actually all the echo voice responses can playback over Sonos, but only if using a voice enabled Sonos speaker, such as a Sonos One, rather than an older Play:1 - just as an example.

  • In the Amazon App you need to goto the echo dot properties/settings in the device list and select ‘Speaker’ under ‘Connected Services’ - See first screenshot attached.
  • In the next screen, select ‘Use my Preferred Speaker’ and select your Sonos voice enabled speaker. - See second screenshot attached.

Note both devices - echo dot and the preferred Sonos speaker must be in the same Alexa enabled group to select the Sonos product as preferred. Once setup is complete all Alexa responses will then play on the Sonos speaker only.