BBC Sounds not playing when requested though Alexa

  • 19 December 2020
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I have an Arc, Sub and two OneSLs connected to a Samsung The Frame (2019) and with the TV off, when I ask Alexa “play BBC Radio2” she responds “here’s BBC sounds, here’s Radio2” but then nothing comes out of the Sonos system.

I can connect to the BBC Sounds app through the TV, but then the screen has to be on - which I was trying to avoid.

Any advice welcomed, thank you

4 replies

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I believe that BBC Sounds has now been renamed as just BBC. If you Enable this the command is 'Alexa, Ask BBC to play Radio 2'

Thanks UKMedia - tried that and it does the same. 



I tried your post 

Step by Step Guide to Play BBC radio station via Voice Control using IFTTT - have successfully got Alexa to play Radio 2 now.

But I can’t get it to stop - any advice on that one. I’d normally just say “Alex stop” 


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It should stop if you include the Sonos Room name in the command.