BBC Sounds Appears to Drop Out After Station Selected

  • 7 February 2023
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This is beginning to be a familiar story, please bear with me.

So, there seems to be a clear distinction between the following events.

  1. When using an Amazon Dot, BBC sounds and station selection works. i.e. “Alexa, please ask BBC sounds to play Radio 2”  The usual BBC sound bite plays and asks me for the service I require. I ask for BBC Radio 2 and it plays. 
  2.  When performing the same procedure with an Alexa enabled Sonos Play1, The BBC sound bite plays OK, but after saying “Play BBC Radio 2”, Alexa responds with “Playing BBC Radio 2” and then nothing. However, maybe more importantly, the light on the Play1 seems to go dimmer, indicating that it is no longer communicating and has ‘dropped out’. This may be a clue considering different servers to BBC sounds?

I appreciate that this topic seems to have been thrashed but I’m sure I’m not the only one with this existing issue. Neither the tech lads can sort this out or any of the proposed solutions found here have worked.  I have tried endless re-installing and re-authorising to no avail.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.   


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4 replies

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Can you confirm that you have added BBC Sounds as a Music Service within the Sonos App?

Hi, yes it has been added.

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Can you follow the steps in my post here, just to remove this as a possibility: Tips & Tricks - Resolving random issues impacting Sonos devices.. | Sonos Community

Hi All,

Thanks to UKMedia for his reply, IP conflict was not the issue for me.

However, thanks to Mr T for the solution that worked. 

I won’t repeat his solution here, but search ‘Alexa on Sonos: Spotify vs BBC Sounds & Global Player’ on the forum to see.

All I can imagine is there was a conflict between data held by the internet accessed Alexa and the mobile app. His guide resolved the issue for both BBC Sounds and Global Player.

Greatly appreciated..

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