"audio actions and routines are not currently supported on this device" and then it does the audio routine

  • 5 July 2019
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"audio actions and routines are not currently supported on this device" and then it does the audio routine; both on beam and one...

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here is a possible work aroung I found on reddit... just wondering if any one has tried it... below I am pasting whats on the link from above for your conveniance:

Posted byu/Dontcallmetiger7 months ago
Potential Workaround for “Audio actions in routines are not currently supported on this device”

I have a Sonos One and a Beam that control hue lights, ecobee, harmony hub, etc. I got tired of hearing that phrase when I use my “Good Night” routine or routines involving my harmony hub (such as saying “Netflix” instead of “Turn on Netflix”) so I started experimenting. Routines work fine with specific device control but introducing a scene or group results in the “Audio actions blah blah blah” message.
I found that if you use Yonomi to create the scene, then create the routine in Alexa and call the Yonomi scene, that it works without the message.
So creating a routine in the Alexa app that directly calls the harmony hub scene “Netflix” will result in “Audio actions . . .” But creating a routine in the Alexa app that calls the Yonomi scene that calls the harmony hub scene “Netflix” works without the “Audio actions . . .” message.
I have no idea why but I found this after a few hours of testing and thought I’d share.

It’s profoundly disappointing to find that in January 2020, having added a Sonos One to my existing setup, the ...not currently supported response followed by the successfully completed is still happening.

this problem it seems, has been around since 2018. Had the advertising For the One included the honest warning that not everything in your Sonos setup is supported, whilst other requested actions may give unexpected or inaccurate responses, I would not have bothered to buy it.

one of the fundamental reasons I bought a number of Sonos speakers, was to play my music from my own library around my house.

Alexa is so poorly integrated, it can’t even do that!

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Sonos, any update on this?

Cmon Sonos, this is ridiculous! Please update us!

As far as I have been able to establish, that whilst some routines may work out the box, by default, that the ‘routines’ area is still not officially supported by Sonos, but not sure if this is due to Amazon restrictions, or that more development work by 'both sides' is perhaps needed for the integration ...and my personal guess is most of the development-time at the moment, from a Sonos perspective, is perhaps currently centred around the modern/legacy 'divide', due to take place in May. So I’m not holding my breath for this feature just at the moment, which has ‘likely' been pushed down the list of priorities. 

Sonos do not usually announce their roadmap, or timetable, for such things and so 'only time may tell’ with this one.