Amazon Echo and Sonos 5 Synchronized in My Home

  • 13 March 2022
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With Amazon Echo and Sonos 5 (and Spotify Premium and Alexa Sonos Skill and Spotify Skill), I would like to:

  1. Ask Alexa (via the Echo) to play (a Spotify album or a TuneIn Radio Station for example) on Echo and Sonos 5 simultaneously (separate rooms but in sync).
  2. Ask Siri via iPhone to play (Spotify) on my Echo and Sonos 5 simultaneously (separate rooms but in sync).

Is it possible to have this? How would one set it up (is it just a “group” in Sonos or Alexa)? What is the best way to get a set up to easily use voice to simultaneously play on several speakers in sync?



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4 replies

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It is not possible to group the Five and Echo together to play the same music in sync. Sonos speakers can only be grouped with other Sonos devices.

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Thanks. That is very unfortunate.

Do I have to buy a Sonos 1 and ask Alexa to play (by asking the Sonos 1) and just ditch the Echo? If I do, can I then ask Alexa on Sonos 1 to play a song and can I have it default to play both on Sonos 1 and Sonos 5? How would you set up to do that?

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The Sonos One would work. But you don’t have to ditch the Echo. You can still use it as an Echo device in another room to control your speakers or smart home devices.

The ability to group Sonos speakers by using Alexa is still not possible. To play the same music to both speakers, you would have to group the One and Five in the Sonos app before or after you ask Alexa to play music to either speaker.

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Thanks. Despite all the advancements in technology, there are still some (likely large) steps needed to make this vision of whole home sound fully enabled and synchronized and simple for folks to set up and enable and use. And then to keep it all working that way.