Alexa volume control

  • 7 October 2017
  • 9 replies

I don't have any problems with any voice control commands after setting up Alexa except volume control. "When I say Alexa, turn up Living Room" Alexa responds with "Living Room doesn't support that". This is the case in all rooms. Am I know phrasing this correctly?

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9 replies

I got a message from the beta team that I should specify "Alexa, turn up volume in (room name)". Seems to work. But I don't know why the other phrasings don't work.
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Alexa, turn volume up in Living Room works (most of the time), however for some reason 'Alexa, turn the volume down in the Living Room, hardly ever works. I end up using the App to adjust the volume.
Was experimenting last night to see what it would do if I left off the room name. Alexa did stop the stream to the living room Connect:Amp by simply saying “Alexa stop!”, which surprised me. Will try some other tests later today. Will be great when we can default a specific Alexa device to a specific Sonos device, which I believe is on the Alexa skill roadmap.
I have the same issues with volume down - ask to turn volume down in (room) and alexa totally ignores the request and then continues playing at the same volume

this beta is truly buggy - it was better simply plugged in as a line in - same functionality other than you couldn't specify a room which given the other bugs kind of almost outweighs this situation
Same here for volume down

with alexa and connect amp
Are you using the correct commands?

In fact after deseabling the skill and reabling the skill from alexa app it repeared the volume feature. It works fine now
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Hello -- volume at my house does NOT work for Sonos Connect Amps via Alexa.
Only works on my Zone 3 and Zone 1 speaker --- not Connect Amp.

Is there a timeline for this update?
There is no update. Volume control should work for all Sonos devices, except for a Connect set to fixed volume. Check to see if your Connect:Amp is the same name as any of your other smart devices in the Alexa app.