Alexa Drop-In on Sonos One

  • 29 October 2017
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The ability to use your Alexa enabled devices' as intercoms (drop-in) does not work on the Alexa enabled Sonos One. Or I can't figure out how to activate. Drop-in needs to be enables on your Amazon devices (echos, dots, etc.) in order to work but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that on the One. Am I missing something?

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33 replies

At this time, Calling and Drop In are Echo exclusives, Alexa enabled devices do not have this ability. This includes Amazon's own Alexa enabled Fire TV and Tablets.
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Appreciate the response. I, as im sure many others have purchased the one to compliment my current alexa network. Is sonos actively pursueing enabling this feature? I've lost a frequently used feature.
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A also appreciate the response, and agree with mcdon26's response. We probably need to lobby Amazon for this feature.
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I wish this feature was supported. It really wasn't clear to me that the "Alexa" integrated into the Sonos One was a crippled version of it. I do hope this is added soon.
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Yes! Please add the drop in feature and calling for the Alexa enabled Sonos ONE. I’m starting to feel like replacing my Play:1 wasn’t worth it. Come on Sonos get this worked out.
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Dear Sonos... my intention was to replace my Amazon Echo with a higher quality sound but all the features are not ready. When are you going to add Spotify and the drop in feature? Seems that my plan failed. I can’t really replace yet.
Spotify by December 21, the Drop In feature Amazon has designated as Echo only for now, so there is no timeline until Amazon changes their mind.
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I was not expecting to lose this feature. I use it all the time and tried it within minutes of hooking up my Sonos one. They really need to add this in.
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I too purchased my Sonos one to use with drop in. Please Amazon, fix this.......
This is a shame. I was bouncing between Sonos One and another Alexa and chose this option. It also did not occur to me you can’t drop in. Bummer. I bet this thread gets a lot of attention over Christmas even if it was taken for granted there are reasons it will trip a lot of people.

The reason why it did not occur to me is I can receive and initiate Alexa Drop In from my iPhone. These are similar rules if you ask me but Amazon would have to be the ones who open it up for Sonos.

Not really a partnership like the Video describes.
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Like so many others, I just replaced two of my play 1 players with two Sonos One. I'm very disappointed that neither the Dop In or calling feature work. I would not have made the investment had I know this. So much for additional play one replacements. I would have rather invested in the Echo Show.

I’m gutted drop in doesn’t work I’ve purchased the ones for Christmas gifts and this was a feature I was hoping to use I may have to consider returning them
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Yes, this is extremely disappointing. Please add Drop In support!
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No feature releases, no response for genuine requests , no app update. Are they going blackberry and Nokia way ?
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No feature releases, no response for genuine requests , no app update. Are they going blackberry and Nokia way ?That makes me wonder what would happen if Sonos stopped trading. Would our speakers still work? I know they need to connect to Sonos servers for Alexa to work and, I think, for setting up speakers.
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Calling and Drop-in are unfortunately not features that Sonos can just add to their speakers. If Amazon doesn't let them have access to the feature, then there's nothing Sonos can do.

No feature releases? No app updates? We have new features for existing players (the Alexa skill, along with direct control through the Pandora app) , a controller app update (regardless of how hated the UI is), and a new device (the Sonos One) all released in the past three months. How can you say that Sonos isn't updating their stuff?!?! Just because there aren't updates released every week doesn't mean they aren't working on stuff! They already get complaints that updates are too frequent!
This is a bummer. I have started using Echo Dot as intercom and purchased a One to replace my 1 located in my kitchen for the very purpose of eliminating the yelling upstairs to teenage kids. I have faith that Sonos and Amazon will add this easy functionality (and do so quickly).
It's entirely possible that it won't happen. My expectation is that there's a base level of functionality that Amazon wants to keep to their own hardware in order to drive their own sales, rather than other companies hardware. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not willing to bet the farm on it happening, either.
To be fair not all constraints are due to a desire to restrict features and prevent competition. Sometimes there are technical reasons why a given feature can only be supported within the native infrastructure of a product. I suspect there are a lot of rapidly evolving feature areas in Alexa that would be a challenge for Sonos to keep up with using their normal pace of development. This could be one of them. There might also be a significant lag in how fast Amazon can implement new features vs. how fast they can update the API to permit 3rd parties to use those same features.
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I have also replaced my play 1 and Dot with the One expecting the drop-in feature. Really hope they can work with Amazon to get the full integration of Alexa. It almost seems like false advertising. I'm sure it says something in the user terms and agreements. Still doesn't make me feel less dooped.
Same here, just brought Sonos One ...with Alexa expecting FULL integration, particularly drop in kids have echo dots, but am sadly disappointed ??
Did not realise that Alexa for Sonos One was a limited feature set. I can’t believe Sonos/Amazon didn’t realise that customers would want the full Alexa feature set which leads me to believe that I’ve been somewhat conned. I am tempted to return the Sonos ...poor show guys!
this wasn’t made clear when purchasing. Do you know when these features will be available .... or should I be looking to return Sonos One?
Forget it guys. This feature will not be added. Amazon is not enabling it to make their own smart speakers more attractive to buyers. If they would enable it, their own speakers would lose a big selling point
Todoke... the Sonos speakers are already superior to Amazon speakers and I’d argue the user base is different and the competitive overlap is small.

Parity on Alexa features will not significantly change that. Drop-In support to Sonos would be significant for Sonos users but does little to change the competitive landscape v Amazon.