Alexa cant be enabled in Guernsey

  • 10 January 2022
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Since switching to the S2 app and buying a new Beam Gen2, I could no longer enable Alexa, it said it wasn’t available in my location. Spent ages sorting this out. Turns out because I live in Guernsey, it wasn’t recognizing me. So I had to switch my account to UK and now it’s fine. Problem is I don’t live in the UK, and benefit from buying VAT free when I order to Guernsey, so after enabling Alexa, I have to switch my account back to Guernsey and it’s fine. This could do with fixing please. Never had this problem before with other products on S1 app.

1 reply

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What’s stopping you from having multiple Amazon accounts with different regions?

I have at least 3 of them...