Alexa and Sonos no longer working after 10.4 Update

  • 11 September 2019
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My sonos system has stopped working with Alexa post the 10.4 update. When you ask Alexa to play xxx it queues the music but doesn't play the music. Really annoying any fixes.

I also added a new sonos amp to my set up tonight and Alexa cannot find this device either!

1 reply

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Hi charlieb1974

Assuming your Sonos is operating as it should try this for Alexa:

  1. Log out of Alexa in the Sonos app
  2. Remove the Sonos skill in the Alexa app
  3. Sign out of your Alexa account
  4. Reboot your router
  5. Sign into your Alexa account
  6. Add the Sonos skill
  7. Power cycle your device
  8. Activate Alexa in the Sonos app
  9. Make sure the micro LED is on if you have a Sonos One or Beam
  10. Ask Alexa to discover devices
  11. Let us know how things sort out.