Alexa and iTunes library

  • 6 October 2017
  • 8 replies

Can I play my iTunes library through sonos using Alexa ?

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8 replies

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Playing local files or apple music is not possible at this time using the voice control.
Thank you
This is a HUGE limitation. I listen to music from my own library and playlists MOST of the time, pretty disappointed that I still can't talk to my house for music.

It doesn't even seem to work for Library Playlists that have been added to Sonos Favorites, which is a huge oversight.
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An oversight would imply they didn't know it was going on. Sonos has delivered this beta skill with some features, and the intention is to add more in the future.
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Pretty disappointing, can't play local music, limited controls, does not work well either, I had many Sonos units since 2005, but the software has got worse and worse since all these useless online services have been added. It's so much more unreliable these days. Used to be rock solid. Difficult to justify these prices now Sonos, just the same as any old useless Apple software.
I agree it’s disappointing that you can’t use Apple Music or Sonos playlists but I disagree that the software is getting worse. My system is the most stable it has ever been with no drop outs I can think of for a quite while.
Realise Beta is all about testing, but any ideas when will be ale to access my own library via Alexa, without this may as well disable?
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Do you if it’s planned for Apple Music to be added? I was just about to switch from Spotify till I seen this..