Wire all units or just 1 or 2?

  • 18 February 2023
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Dear community,

I'me refurbishing completely a 3 story apartment. I'm planning to have several Sonos units on 1st and 3rd floor. I see two options:

  1. wire one unit in each floor and have the other units connected through sonos net. I guess this will create 2 sonos nets independent from each other right?
  2. wire every unit in each floor; more work and less flexibility

I would only go for 2. if there was any issue with 1. Otherwise is more work and less flexibility to move units around.


Which way would you go for?


Thanks in advance!



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2 replies

There is only one SonosNet. I like wires. Since you are able to easily run wires at this point, run a wire to each potential location. If, in the future, you add a unit at a location where there is no wire, it will be supported wirelessly. Note that ROAM and MOVE will always connect with WiFi.

You’ll get into mesh WiFi at some point. Run wires to locations where you’ll install a mesh point. Ceiling mesh points are the most effective, but you might object to the esthetics. Another approach is wall mounted mesh points -- in all or most rooms. A nearby, perhaps less potent mesh point, is more effective  for nearby clients than a super mesh point down the hall.

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I wired all my Sonos main speakers (no Subs or Surrounds) that were easy to wire.

The more you wire the less data will have to go wireless.