Three Sonos Ones, One Beam, Multiple Rooms, Plus I Moved

  • 2 December 2021
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This may be the most convoluted question of all time, so please bear with me, and answer as if you’re talking to a rather dull five-year-old, which you essentially are, though I’m actually in my 50s:

I have two Sonos Ones, which were set up as a stereo pair at my old house; we have since moved, and got a Sonos Beam, primarily for the big new TV, and I also have a third, new Sonos One.

Ideal situation: I would like to have each of the three Sonos Ones in a different room (so no longer a stereo pair, which sounds really bad now, having one in two different rooms in stereo). The Beam works fine for the TV, but I would like to be able to play music out of it as well at times, i.e. essentially having four different speakers.

How do I get there from here? The two I’ve already set up are 1) in stereo and 2) calibrated for rooms in our previous house, which have much different dimensions than the rooms in the new place. So I assume I need to somehow wipe them clean and then start from scratch as if I had three new Ones?

Is it even possible to set it all up so the Beam defaults to being the TV speaker (as it currently is), but somehow I can switch it to music so it plays the same tunes as the other three Ones at times?

Hopefully this makes sense...basically, I want/need to go from one pair of Ones, set up in stereo, to three Ones in three different rooms, so no more stereo, plus loop in the Beam that I’ve set up for the TV (in yet another room) so I can have a four-speaker set-up throughout the new house.

Just trying to type this all gives me a headache...anyone who can actually give me a clear answer (or point me to a source that can help me to this) will be thanked profusely and rewarded if it all possible! Thanks so much in advance for any assistance...


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Separate the two Sonos Ones as a stereo pair at your old house and place them individually in the two separate rooms in the new house.

Read about how to separate a stereo pair here:


Connect the two Ones to the WiFi network at your new house by following the steps in this article:


Place the third new Sonos One in the desired room and keep the Beam connected to the TV.

If the two Ones were connected to the new network successfully and you properly set up the new One and Beam in the Sonos app, you should now have four different rooms or zones.

If you use an iOS device, perform Trueplay tuning with each speaker. Read more about Trueplay here:


In the Sonos app, assign a room name to each speaker under Settings (gear icon) > System. Example: If the Beam is in your living room, assign the name “Living Room” to the Beam.

Play music to a specific speaker/room by tapping the System icon (four vertical bars) and selecting the room. Then tap the Browse icon (music note) and choose the music you wish to play. While music is playing out of one speaker/room, you can group other speakers/rooms together to play the same music by following the instructions in this article: