Surrounds and line-in

  • 19 January 2022
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I know that line-in is disabled on speakers when used as surrounds.

Does Sonos have any plan to make it possible soon or after?

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4 replies

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Sonos almost never disclose their future plans, when they have it’s caused more issues than it solved so i doubt they will do so again.  I can’t see the Line in being activated ever, the use case is tiny.

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Nice thought, but that request only applies to a Sonos Five or Amp. I agree with @bockersjv. Also, I doubt Sonos will re-design the One and One SL for that purpose (line-in).

Although, I do have my wish for a new surround speaker with upward firing drivers to augment the Arc and Beam 2. Maybe called the One SL Plus 🤔 . Again, JMWT. 

Very unlikely. The connection to the surrounds is time-critical, with minimal buffering to try and maintain lip-sync. Likewise the Line-In feed is also often time-critical, if end-to-end delay is to be minimised. Burdening the surrounds’ connection with a PCM Line-In stream would incur unnecessary additional risk.

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Ok, thank you all.