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  • 20 February 2023
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Greetings. My home Wi-Fi is made up of 4 google Wi-Fi access points. I installed 4 new speakers in my patio cover. I am powering the speakers using the Sonia amp. That part works fine. When I try to pair my sub with the amp it will pair and then come up “not connected”. The amp for the patio is in my bedroom closet as to not be outside in the elements.  I have a Ethernet cable plugged into the amp. The sub will only connect when it’s with 10 to 15 feet of the amp. Any further than that it will not pair up.

to my understanding, if the amp is connected via cable, it will use SonosNet to connect to the sub. So does that mean if I connnectvthe amp with standard wifi the sun should be wifi as well?  The is an access point right above where the sun is and it’s still not working. The only think that makes the sun work is moving it closer rot eye amp. 
When amp is connected via Wi-Fi and when the sub actually connects, the WM for the amp is 1 and for the sub it’s 2. My goal is to be able to put the sub anywhere in the patio and it work. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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AIUI the Amp uses a dedicated 5GHz wifi link to communicate with the Sub. With the Amp in a closet, wifi range is probably compromised, in the way that you seem to be experiencing. 

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Sonosnet is the 2.4Ghz network Sonos device connect to when one of them is wired. The Sub (and surrounds) are not connected via Sonosnet but through a 5Ghz dedicated connection, where the soundbar or Amp acts as commander/middle man between Sub/surrounds and you router. The Sub does not connect directly to your router or access point. Having an access point near the Sub can even cause more interference on the 5Ghz band. Also some routers do not like providing connections through a middle man.

This is why the Sub needs to be fairly close to the Amp also means the connection is susceptable to having walls between Amp and Sub like in your set up.