Sonos Port to HDMI on soundvar


So recently I bought a new home cinema setup but it comes with only a HDMI input for a separate channel. I managed to connect the Sonos Port with a RCA converter to HDMI. Though when I pair my home cinema setup with my Play:1 in the kitchen i have a delay. Probably the delay is caused by the converter. 

Does anyone have a solution for this? Right now I have the 2x RCA converter to HDMI. Though I could not find one that converts the digital coaxial to HDMI.


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The delay is inherent with the Port actually.  Wirelessly multiroom audio requires the audio to be buffered slightly so that all speakers in the system have time to receive the audio and then play it in sync.  You can’t really use a Port to take input from another system and play in sync with that system...or video on a TV.  You can originate audio from Sonos and the Port can output it to another system in sync.


Note that Sonos do have soundbars and amps specific for home theatre that operate without delay and can be bonded with other Sonos speakers over 5Ghz to form a single room playing in sync with TV audio. 

Thnx for the reply. I did a test to play Spotify and the Sonos radio through the Sonos app but i still have a delay in my soundbar