sonos port, denon reveiver, how to get vinyl playing over sonos?

  • 17 March 2023
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I've got the following 

Sonos system including a Sonos port 

denon receiver 4500 connected to the Sonos port via “CD” input on receiver to the Sonos port

fluance rt-85 connected to the denon receiver built in phono stage 


is there a way to play the vinyl to the port for Sonos? 

I’ve tried connecting a cable for zone 2 on the denon to the port’s “in” connections and setting up the line in as seen on a few videos but I get no audio 

1 reply

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Usually best to just hook the Port to your tape-monitor jacks but it looks like yours doesn’t have them.

Didn’t see a good picture but if you have a pre-out it is a distant second choice due to the low volume you see there.

Might be best to just get a phono pre-amp and two splitter cables to hook the Receiver’s CD and Port input to.