Sonos Five Pair, Can you use both aux line-ins?

  • 30 June 2022
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Forgive me if this has been asked many times before, just couldn't find a thread with my requirements. 


I'm about to receive my 2nd Five to form a stereo pair.

I currently use Roon via an endpoint and Dragonfly Cobalt DAC to aux line-in. I find I get better sound quality this way over using Tidal/Qobuz through the Sonos app or Tidal Connect.

I do watch movies and want to simplify my current mess of HomePods and Apple TV but don't want a soundbar. I plan to use the Fives in stereo and will likely use a DAC from TV to aux line-in on one of the Fives. TV watching is not my priority so sound quality isn't important.

As I use Roon as per above, can I use both aux line-ins (not at the same time), if so will they play out of both speakers?


Thanks in advance 


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Yes. Each Line-In of a stereo pair is independently selectable. 

It’s worth pointing out that Line-In is not designed for TV audio. It has a minimum delay of 75ms, which could noticeably upset lip-sync. 

 Cheers Ratty


I’m hoping the lip sync issue will be sorted via the Apple TV audio sync function. Or I’ll try Airplay. 

Update for those who care. 😉


I have both Five's in stereo. I have my Roon endpoint with Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt in to the rights line-in. A TV via optical into a Topping E30 DAC into the left line-in. I've setup autoplay volumes and line-in volunes as needed and a max volume overall. My Apple TV remote controls the volume of the Topping E30 (set it -20dB before setting autoplay to allow going higher or lower in volume as needed).


I have audio delay set for 75ms for the Topping E30/Apple TV and there is no ill effects of lip sync issues.


I have used Sonos S2 app with Tidal and I prefer the sound from the Roon endpoint with Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt DAC. Also the sound quality from TV through the Topping E30 is pretty sweet too.


I had concerns of the digital to analogue to digital to analogue conversions due using external DACs to the line-ins. However I believe the ADAC in the Fives is just applying the Trueplay and DSP as set.


All good really.